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At The Dance Academy, we follow the IDTA syllabus for ballet. Girls and boys start in our tiny tots class then onto our baby ballet class at the age of two years, and take their first ballet exam around the age of four.

Ballet lessons are fantastic for teaching children about self-disclipine and body control, as well as being a useful starting point for other forms of dance.


Children start in our baby tap class at two years where they enjoy hearing the sounds of their own feet, and begin following the IDTA tap syllabus aged four with the introduction to formal tap movements.

Some of the benefits of learning tap dance include strength in the legs and feet, musicality, rhythm and timing.​


We hold three modern classes a week at The Dance Academy. Divided into groups primarily based on age, the dancers have the opportunity to enhance their flexibility and core strength through a range of exercises, including limbering.

Children can begin modern classes at the age of four, or once they have taken the Prep Ballet exam.​


Acro classes are our latest addition to the wide range of classes available at The Dance Academy. 

Split into three groups, primarily based on ability, children as young as two and a half years (if already members of The Dance Academy) are offered the opportunity to learn acrobatic tricks ranging from basic somersaults to walkovers and aerial cartwheels.

The Dance Academy uses safety mats throughout all acrobatics lessons.

Street Jazz and Musical Theatre & cheerleading 

In an hour long class, members of The Dance Academy dedicate half an hour to each discipline, learning funky routines to the latest pop music, and practicing their singing and acting skills to pieces from top West End and Broadway shows.

Children typically begin street jazz and musical theatre at the age of five, but individual circumstances are taken into account.

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